e-Plus Products Family


BankPlus V4 is a highly configurable world-class, feature-rich core banking centralized solution covering Islamic, retail, corporate and trade finance functionalities in a three tier web-enabled environment with full support for high availability and disaster recovery options readily available for future expansion with the largest number of ready-made integrators to support different delivery channels such ATM, SWIFT, Internet Banking and other bank contact point interfaces.


Retail Banking
Offering banks a complete set of consumer banking features and products, Retail Banking enables bank users to define simple and comprehensive products through flexible configuration screens applying the associated fees, charges and other parameters. Its highly parameterized functionality allows for reuse of defined components across different product set calculations. 
Corporate Banking
Corporate Banking solution offers a large set of corporate banking and trade finance functionality ranging from simple product offerings such as overdrafts and cash term loans to flexible interest rate setups, multi-currency disbursement, and collateral based lending. Tightly integrated are the trade finance set of modules supporting Documentary Credit, Letters of Guarantee, Import and export financing supported by the exchange rate setup and built-in payment system.
Islamic Banking
Islamic Banking solution has been in use across the majority of Sudanese Islamic banks for over a decade. Supporting numerous Islamic investments and financing models such as Mudarabah, Murabaha, Ijarah, Tawarruq, Musharaka and Istisna, the solution is fully compliant to the Islamic Shariaa regulations as set out by the AAOIFI and approved by the regulatory banking authorities in Sudan. 
General Ledger
The main backbone of the system: a bank can determine its own numbering system (free length), flexible numbering for customer accounts, flexible numbering for ledgers, link numbers with product types, multi-currency, multi branch, flexible chart of accounts, General Ledger Degree (i.e. General Ledger, Sub Ledger, Customer Sub Ledger, Bank Sub Ledger), store accounts balances in native currency and equivalent in local currency, three levels for balance sheet reporting, flexible revaluation (Period, Rates, General Ledgers), consolidated information of all accounting transactions, fully integrated customer Information file, consolidated and/or detailed accounts, interest calculation, and consolidated P&L statement branch by branch. There is no limit on number P&L consolidations that can be performed. Transaction listings can be sorted by currency, account number, amount, transaction reference number, or transaction history. Transaction listing, distinguishing system generated transactions from manual input transaction, may come with control totals if applicable. The system can produce the statement of any account between any dates.
Fixed Assets
The module provides the following capabilities: classify assets types up to four levels, facility to store static data, buying and selling assets, transfer assets between branches or departments, damaging assets, depreciation calculation, automatic generation of depreciation transactions, distribution for depreciation on departments, and follow-up branches assets requirements.
Signature Handling
Built into the solution is a comprehensive signature management and verification solution supporting teller and CSR functionality with feature-rich interface for signature image manipulation. The solution supports ready-made connectors for integration to a multitude of scanning devices for signature capture.
Central Bank Reporting 
As part of its accumulated experience in the region, egabi prides itself on an extended set of regulatory and central bank reports that are predefined and shipped as part of the solution, while at the same time availing a highly flexible and versatile reporting platform, allowing for custom reports development not only as part of the project implementation services but more importantly extending its functions to a bank user and enabling them to create additional reports.

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