Business process management services

Business process management services


Keep your eyes on the horizon and your feet on the ground. No idea is too small and no ambition too great. Business process management (BPM) services share your vision. BPM services consist of three main phases: assessment/documentation of AS IS environment, gap analysis & benchmarking and design new processes and implementation & rollout of the redesigned processes. BPM services are offered either for all phases and/or partially.

The most common reason why BPM projects are undertaken by companies is for achievement of companies’ objectives when they lose track of managing their business. Managers know they can perform better and are under pressure because competitors are performing better. Yet they cannot measure performance, they cannot determine where their operational bottlenecks lie, and they have no clue what can be done to improve operational performance. For that, BPM projects help the companies to obtain business benefits through streamlining of business flows and greater efficiency of processing cycles as well as cost reductions through greater utilization of resources and reduction of operational costs at all levels in the organization.

egabi utilizes a structured approach to process re-engineering, which consists of three main phases: Assessment, Design, and Implementation. In the Assessment phase, egabi develops an understanding of the current process workflow. In the Design phase, egabi develops a new vision of the process which will be revised and enhanced in collaboration with the company’s stakeholders to reach optimum performance, followed by determining any organizational changes required to implement the new process. In the final Implementation phase, the documented process is delivered to the company and any necessary training is conducted. Also, any improvement to the process work-flow may be applied, if found necessary. The below figure briefly illustrates egabi’s BPM services

The key steps/phases of egabi’s services in the BPM are: